Metal Heart

Chapter 1 - The Arena

After arriving in the arena waiting area, Kalus Aurianth, Brynn StarGazer, and Veil the Sly all introduced themselves. They barely had time to do anything other than say their names, when the crowd in the arena grew to a deafening roar. The door behind them opened, revealing a large arena, with an intimidating soldier standing on the other side. They walked in, and the door closed behind them. Kalus had only one concern; finding the pub, but the others were here to fight. The three heroes attacked the soldier, Kalus taunting him constantly. The soldier decided he didn’t like Kalus much, and beat him within an inch of his life. this gave Veil and Brynn the opportunity they needed, and they dispatched him fairly quickly. After the arena medic came in to heal the party, and left angry at Kalus’ shenanigans, the party went up against their second foe, a burlier, stronger soldier. They slowly wore him down, and eventually destroyed him, though Kalus wasn’t much help, being horribly clumsy. After the match, the arena manager came in and sullenly threw down the sack of their winnings. Before they could retrieve it, a large, bumbling drunkard came from out of the crowd, somehow stumbled his way into the arena, and drunkenly challenged them to a “real fight.” After discussing it amongst themselves, Veil and Kalus decided to meet him in battle, while Brynn, feeling that he was defenseless and not really able to offer a fair fight, decided to stay aside. Veil stepped forward and delivered a flurry of attacks, leaving the man dead and mostly limbless in a matter of seconds. The crowd started booing and closing in on the party, leaving them no choice but to run for their lives. After Veil picked the door lock, the three ran out into the street, and down the nearest alleyway…


chris_schmitty chris_schmitty

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